Sunday, April 11, 2010

And now for something a bit more...insulated

After securing the floor joists I added foam insulation between the joists. This step is pretty easy you can basically score the foam and then snap it. This particular foam is a bit more expensive than the white foam but it has a higher R-value (12.9 @2 inches). Then I sealed the edges with expandable foam (it's called Great Stuff) hopefully this is enough because Bozeman gets really cold in the winter.


  1. Welcome Adam! Congrats on starting your project! I've added your site to my reader, so I'll be following along with you.

    It's awsome that you're taking it out to Bozeman. I only visited there shortly before, bit it seemed like a really nice place, and one I would really like to go back to. Imagine flying out of this really nice, quiet two terminal airport and back into Chicago O'Hare.

  2. I will follow your work I am also building a TH this summer. It is so exciting!

  3. Did I read in the Tiny House Blog that you are in Spokane? I am too, and would love to take a real look at your project as it gets built. I could probably even assist you if you need any help.
    If you're interested, send me an email and we can connect.


  4. Thanks for the comments guys. Helena, it is very exciting, all I can suggest up on as many aspects of building as you can, even then you'll still have questions (unless you've built before) Rick, I am in Spokane. I'd be happy to have you come buy and check out the build. I'll actually be leaving in about 2 weeks, but I'll contact you.