Thursday, March 25, 2010

YO YO People!

Welcome! To my first blog post ever, after much deliberation and debate and 3 year hiatus from college I Adam Waltering of Spokane WA have decided to return to college. Yay me, but this is expensive and I am 27 and Architecture school is like 6 years and thats after I gain Montana residency and how will I maintain my current comfortable lifestyle.....urrrrrrrrch. Slow down Adam there is a simple solution. What's that you ask? Tiny house. What's a tiny house? Well its a house that is tiny, usually built on a trailer, and well the words "tiny" and "house" pretty much sum it up.

This blog will document the process of the build of my tiny house and hopefully serve as inspiration to anyone else wishing to make a drastic life-change but feel it's too daunting a task. I am lazy and difficult to self motivate outside a job setting, so this project is just what I need to get the old blood a flowin...let the games begin!


  1. Yo Yo Adam !!.... Looks like a pretty awesome project your undertaking with the trailer house.... Looking forward to keeping up with your project.... Take care and happy building....